What part of new orleans is considered downtown?

In New Orleans, Louisiana (United States), downtown has historically referred to neighborhoods along the Mississippi River, downstream (approximately northeast) of Canal Street, including the French Quarter, Tremé, Faubourg Marigny, Bywater, District 9, and other neighborhoods. You'll find great shops, restaurants, bars and theaters in the city's central business district, just across Canal Street from the French Quarter. Bourbon Street is actually a section of the French Quarter, which runs from Canal Street to Esplanade Avenue. It is considered the most popular destination in New Orleans, attracts more than 17 million visitors a year and is responsible for one-third of the city's operating budget.

Downtown New Orleans is a great place for business travelers, as it is the central business district. The location in question is New Orleans City Park, one of the most visited urban parks in the United States. He has even specifically designed tourist attractions, such as the New Orleans Museum of Death, the New Orleans Jazz Museum, The House of Voodoo by Marie Laveau and The Presbytère, the Louisiana State Museum, where you can learn more about Mardi Gras. The best areas to stay in New Orleans for first-time travelers are the neighborhoods of French Quarter, Bourbon Street, Downtown, Marigny and Bywater, Lakeview and Mid-City, Uptown, Garden District and Faubourg Treme.

With its central location between Mid-City and Lakeview, it's a great option if visiting the park is a major consideration when deciding where to stay in New Orleans. The Ninth Ward is home to the musician Fats Domino and the Chalmette Battlefield, where the Battle of New Orleans was fought. All that's left for you is to start booking things so you can go and enjoy everything that New Orleans has to offer you. If you prioritize safety during your trip to New Orleans, you should seriously consider staying in the Uptown or Garden District.

It's the most popular spot for first-time tourists staying in New Orleans because of its central location, vibrant nightlife, incredible gastronomic science, lively music, and well-connected transportation. This varies depending on why you're visiting New Orleans, however, most of you'll find it in the French Quarter, the best place to stay in the city. This allows you to enjoy a bit of history and breathtaking views on your way between two of the most popular areas in New Orleans. For those who prioritize safety, Uptown and Garden District have the two lowest crime rates in New Orleans.

It is filled with a wide variety of bars, restaurants and clubs, serving cocktails, beers and Cajun-style New Orleans cuisine, while offering entertainment such as dancers and live music. The oldest cemetery in New Orleans attracts more than 100,000 visitors each year to leave offerings to the voodoo queen Marie Laveau, bury loved ones, or enjoy the city's living history. Stay on Bourbon Street if nightlife is a priority on your trip to New Orleans; if you want to enjoy traditional Cajun cuisine; you're visiting for Mardi Gras.

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