Can you do new orleans in 4 days?

I recommend taking a long weekend to visit it, so that you have two full days and two and a half days (at each end of the trip). Check out my beginner's dining guide to what and where to eat in New Orleans for even more places to try, as well as specific foods you might want to try. New Orleans voodoo is a group of clandestine religious practices that emerged from the African religious traditions that enslaved people brought to the United States. If you're visiting New Orleans and relaxing, you can always take your morning slow or explore the French Quarter a bit more.

I encourage you to go beyond Bourbon Street, to learn about the iconic foods of New Orleans, what voodoo (religion and culture, not the “voodoo you hear about in movies”) really is, and to learn about the city's dynamic history. Since street drinking is legal in New Orleans (as long as it's not a glass container), you can grab a cup to go in many places and drink it while you walk. As an important port city at the mouth of the Mississippi, New Orleans has always been a melting pot of people and a mecca for interesting and, at times, rude people. New Orleans is full of Creole and Cajun food, live jazz, street performers, history, beautiful architecture and a famous appreciation for all of life's temptations.

This New Orleans itinerary includes some of the best things to do in New Orleans and a bit of the unexpected. Founded in 1718 by the French, New Orleans had difficulty getting off the ground due to ongoing conflicts and wars with the indigenous population. Entering the Pharmacy Museum and ending the day with a cocktail tour is just what you need for the best New Orleans itinerary. New Orleans is quite humid all year round, so you'll probably want to bend down and shower before doing anything else.

New Orleans was such a quick trip between basically 2 months of traveling, that it almost seems like a feverish dream. Start the morning with a visit to City Park, where you can visit the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Sculpture Garden. From ghost and vampire stories to Marie Laveau (the city's most historic and famous voodoo practitioner), New Orleans has a certain influencing factor. The “voodoo” tour of New Orleans offered by Free Tours by Foot is a free tour where you pay whatever you think the tour is worth.

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