Can you travel in new orleans without a car?

You don't need a car in New Orleans, you'll be within walking distance of popular restaurants, sights, and other destinations. If you want to go somewhere else, there are beautiful and historic streetcars that can take you to places like City Park and the Garden District. New Orleans streetcar lines have been a staple of the city's public transportation for centuries; more specifically, the St. Charles began carrying passengers in 1835, making it the oldest continuously operating streetcar line in the world.

Nowadays, the iconic brown and green or red and yellow cars follow in the footsteps of the city. Take a streetcar on Canal Street to head Downtown, Uptown and halfway down Carrollton Avenue. Get off at the St. Charles and Jackson and explore the beautiful architecture of the historic houses of the Garden District before stopping for lunch on Magazine Street.

Plan your tram exploration more with our streetcar itinerary, which breaks everything down by route. . One of the most universal are Blue Bikes, a shared bicycle system with stations spread throughout the city. Use the Lafitte Greenway to easily and safely bike from Mid-City to the Mississippi River.

Like many other American cities, New Orleans is a car city, in general. Most people drive their own cars as their primary mode of transportation, however, some people do just fine without them. Most people who come from out of town do so without having to rent a car. While some of our public transport schedules are not as strict as those elsewhere, our routes are extensive and allow access to parts of the city that would otherwise not be accessible to most visitors.

The South Carrollton line will take you beyond Oak Street and its variety of shops and restaurants, while the North Carrollton route will take you to Esplanade Ridge, several historic New Orleans cemeteries, and New Orleans City Park. United Cabs is the most reliable taxi service in New Orleans and even has its own app to compete with ridesharing services. Since there is also a traffic bridge to the West Bank, you are unlikely to use this service unless you spend some serious time in the areas east of New Orleans. With the addition of the new Le Pass app, New Orleans is an even easier city to navigate by public transportation.

Whether it's watching the Rebirth Brass Band on their regular Tuesday night schedule or watching bands like Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes or Honey Island Swamp Band, there's always something great for New Orleans music lovers. New Orleans may not have the solid public transportation schedules of cities like New York or Boston, but the variety of routes and options can take you all over the city, all with the added bonus of not having to find a parking spot. Streetcars (railway-guided streetcars) have long been a favorite method of transportation in New Orleans, with four main lines running through the city's popular neighborhoods. In addition, since most visitors to New Orleans stay in the French Quarter, all of these itineraries depart from the French Quarter.

If that's not your case, check the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority website to find the best route to the starting point of the itinerary. If you're planning to head out of town for day trips or frequent trips outside the main downtown area, it may be worth renting a car in New Orleans. At Boucherie, chef Nathanial Zimet specializes in contemporary Southern cuisine with a New Orleans twist. While many New Orleanians rely on their cars for transportation, many more use the city's myriad methods of public transportation.


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