Should you stay on bourbon street or french quarter?

The French Quarter is, without a doubt, the best place to stay in New Orleans thanks to its convenient location close to the best things to do and explore in the city, including the famous and iconic Bourbon Street. Be sure to also check out some of the most iconic beverages to try in New Orleans based in this area. The French Quarter is also home to the famous and wild Bourbon Street, which is full of bars, clubs, pubs and music venues. If you're deciding where to stay in New Orleans to enjoy the nightlife, look no further.

The CBD, just across Canal Street from the French Quarter, contains most of the office buildings in New Orleans and includes the Warehouse District and the so-called South Market District. Located right in the center of the French Quarter, you can find this hidden gem of a vacation rental in New Orleans. You can stay at major branded hotels or check in to a smaller B&B or a boutique hotel, which the Garden District is famous for. You should stay a minimum of 2 days in New Orleans to discover the main sights, music venues and museums.

I hope this travel guide has helped you find your ideal place to stay in New Orleans and you're already looking forward to your trip. Be sure to take a walk along Pirates Alley, a narrow street filled with historic buildings, unique shops, and a different history of New Orleans. New Orleans is especially famous for its luxury boutique hotels and picturesque inns near the French Quarter. When deciding where to stay in New Orleans, consider any of these other neighborhoods and you'll be rewarded with unique experiences found only in New Orleans.

You can take a drink everywhere and watch street artists and fortune-tellers make a living or admire the iconic St. The best way to enjoy the Garden District is to simply stroll through beautiful streets, see colorful mansions, and enjoy elegant cafes in between. Once you decide to take a trip to this incredible and dynamic city, you'll want to decide where to stay. In terms of nightlife, if you're looking for a classy club, you'd better stay in the French Quarter.

Due to the long boulevards and the leisurely pace of The Bywater, I would say this is one of the best areas in New Orleans to stay without a car. This is the perfect place to stay in New Orleans if you want to get away from the glitz and have a cultural experience.

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