Is a trip to new orleans expensive?

New Orleans is a unique destination in the United States; there is no other city like The Big Easy. And it's on almost everyone's wish list. You can spend a lot of money on a visit there if you stay in a very exclusive hotel, repeatedly eat at expensive restaurants, and enjoy an expensive nightlife. But you can have memorable fun in New Orleans and get a taste of this exotic city even if you're on a budget.

Metairie and the area near Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) offer affordable accommodations, but are not as close to the major tourist attractions and restaurants in downtown New Orleans. Two people traveling together for a month in New Orleans can often have a lower daily budget per person than one person traveling alone for a week. Whether you want to fly to New Orleans in economy or business class, simply select one of the available airline options. To save money when visiting New Orleans, travelers can plan their trip for spring or fall and avoid traveling at peak times.

Flights to New Orleans from Toronto are more expensive compared to many other American cities I've flown to because it's farther away and there aren't many flights between the two cities. If travelers travel slower for a long time, their daily budget will decrease if one person traveling for a week has a higher budget than two people traveling together for a month in New Orleans. Spring and fall are great options for visiting New Orleans, although September and October can pose the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms. Kids can ride in carriages, eat sugary fritters and see lots of street performers on family travel packages to New Orleans.

If you've decided on a last-minute getaway to New Orleans, you'll always find great deals on Expedia. New Orleans is one of the best urban getaways for travelers to enjoy food, culture, music, history and art. You can go to almost any bar in the French Quarter or on Frenchmen Street and listen to great music every night for the price of a couple of drinks and perhaps for a small fee, and this is the heart and soul of New Orleans. The strange prices of travel in New Orleans are listed as the real costs that can give the idea of traveling to New Orleans.

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