How do people spend 3 days in new orleans?

The French Quarter can be very busy, so we suggest you leave early. We loved getting lost in the streets before all the tourist buses and crowds formed around every attraction in New Orleans. Jackson Square is always crowded, so start here for a view of St. Take note to come back later to see the street performers and horse carriages.

But for now, enjoy the peace and quiet. Most visitors choose to stay in the French Quarter and in the center of the central business district. The French Quarter is iconic for its architecture, jazz, food, Bourbon Street and, of course, its noisy annual Mardi Gras celebrations. So it makes perfect sense for most NOLA visitors to start their journey here.

With the sugar rush, the time couldn't be better to take one of the walking tours of New Orleans, starting with the history and architecture of the French Quarter. Or maybe you're interested in taking a New Orleans food tour through the French Quarter. There's even a fascinating voodoo tour of New Orleans, like the one I did, to learn more about myths, superstitions and famous people like Marie Laveau. If you decide to walk around the French Quarter on your own, don't hesitate to leave the map and take a walk.

It's such a compact area that you don't have to worry about getting lost. And if you prefer to skip the traditional nightlife activities entirely, New Orleans has a multitude of nighttime tours, including the popular haunted tours of New Orleans, where you can find spirits said to roam the city's streets and cemeteries. Start with the New Orleans streetcar that runs along the St. If you're staying in or near the French Quarter, there are convenient stops just a short walk away.

Use this New Orleans streetcar map as a guide. After spending some time in the French Quarter, Frenchmen Street and the Garden District, why not go off the network for drinks, food and live jazz? Depending on the time you want to dedicate, look for full-day tours and half-day tours with the plantations you'd like to see. Most have pick-up points in the French Quarter. The French Quarter and the Garden District are also very pedestrian-friendly.

With just a couple of my favorite comfortable Allbirds Tree Runners runners, I was able to see many of New Orleans' top sights on foot. Depending on the time you want to dedicate, look for full-day tours and half-day tours with the plantations you'd like to see. The Commander's Palace is as beautiful and colorful as the rest of the city and is a great way to end the second day of your New Orleans itinerary. The muffulettas are big (half of them feed Jeremy and me) and are absolutely unmissable for 3 days in New Orleans.

Considered by some to be one of the better beignets than Café du Monde, Café Beignet is very popular and worth visiting during your 3 days in New Orleans. In a city where everything revolves around pleasures, it's no surprise that a 3-day New Orleans itinerary is more focused on food than sightseeing, music rather than monuments, and meandering lists of things to do instead of long lists of things to do. In the past, families used them to prevent unwanted Romeos from getting close to their teenage daughters. I don't know what I liked best, seeing the sights during the day or spending the nights listening to jazz.

The restaurant is small and has an odd schedule (10:00 to 17:00, Monday to Saturday), so plan to stand in line outside before entering. It's always fascinating to learn how people frame their story, even if they do so from such a biased perspective. His extensive knowledge of herbs, plants and poisons was practiced in New Orleans and the tradition continues today. The food is said to be wonderful, and so is the simple experience of eating on your patio on a beautiful day.

It is the oldest cathedral in the United States and dates back to 1850, after previous churches from the early 18th century were burned down, rebuilt and then expanded to what is seen today. The French Quarter is home to some fantastic places to eat during your 3-day New Orleans itinerary. The festival attracts almost 1.5 million people every year and some of the floats take almost an entire year to build (it's one of the best and biggest festivals in the world). If your idea of the perfect 3-day trip to New Orleans includes luxury accommodations with a spooky twist, the popular and impressive Omni Royal is the place for you.

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