What is the best part of new orleans to stay in?

The French Quarter is the oldest and most well-known neighborhood in the city. Most visitors head straight to Bourbon Street, and many first-time visitors think that the Neighborhood is nothing more than a party. The French Quarter, where many beginners come to, is one of the best places to stay in New Orleans. For those who travel to the Big Easy to enjoy the party that has made the city so famous, the French Quarter ticks all the boxes.

In short, the French Quarter of New Orleans is a fabulous place to stay, no matter what you're looking for on your trip to New Orleans. The best areas to stay in New Orleans for first-time travelers are the neighborhoods of French Quarter, Bourbon Street, Downtown, Marigny and Bywater, Lakeview and Mid-City, Uptown, Garden District and Faubourg Treme. Located right in the center of the French Quarter, you can find this hidden gem of a vacation rental in New Orleans. With so much to discover, it's perfect if you're deciding where to stay in New Orleans with your family.

For those traveling to the Big Easy for more than just cocktails and trinkets, the Garden District is the ideal place to stay in New Orleans. A venue that hosts many of the city's most important events, it's primarily home to the NFL's New Orleans Saints. Faubourg Marigny is an up-and-coming neighborhood in downtown New Orleans that has a relaxed atmosphere, cool bars, and lots of hipster hangouts. Located in the heart of New Orleans' most vibrant and lively neighborhood, this three-star hotel offers comfortable accommodations just steps away from the action.

Located in the French Quarter, you'll be close to the best bars, restaurants, and attractions in New Orleans. In this post, I'll help you decide where to stay in New Orleans without a car, for a night out, nightlife and family life, as well as the safest places in New Orleans. Most New Orleanians speak English, but they often use the strange “yat” dialect, which sounds like New York; only a few speak Cajun or Creole. The French Quarter is the best place to stay in New Orleans for first-time travelers because of its proximity to the city's famous attractions and numerous lodging options.

Although New Orleans is famous for its voodoo spirituality, a combination of West African religion and Catholicism, only a small percentage of the locals are devout practitioners. These burgeoning riverfront neighborhoods are brimming with modern bohemian air, but Creole cabins, shotgun shacks and the Mississippi River keep these enclave firmly entrenched in New Orleans. Here you'll find everything from great New Orleans museums and interesting art galleries to the city's charming parks and squares.

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