What is the best part of new orleans to stay in?

The French Quarter is the oldest and most well-known neighborhood in the city. Most visitors head straight to Bourbon Street, and many first-time visitors think that the Neighborhood is nothing more than a party. The French Quarter, where many beginners come to, is one of the best places to stay in New Orleans. For those who travel to the Big Easy to enjoy the party that has made the city so famous, the French Quarter ticks all the boxes.

Trying to select where you'll stay when you come to New Orleans is like trying to decide what you'll eat when you get here. Although New Orleans doesn't have a first-class public transportation system, the city's famous streetcars are as convenient as possible. If you want to have a good time in New Orleans without breaking your budget, unpack your bags at Auberge NOLA Hostel. Located in the heart of New Orleans, Hotel Marazin is close to shops, restaurants and the city's main tourist attractions.

Most New Orleanians speak English, but they often use the strange “yat” dialect, which sounds like New York; only a few speak Cajun or Creole. Located in the south of New Orleans, just a short streetcar ride from the French Quarter, The Garden District was once known as Lafayette City. New Orleans cityscape at dusk with the French Quarter on the right and the Central Business District on the left. Fun, welcoming, and centrally located, Nola Jazz House is perfect for enjoying the best New Orleans food, music and culture.

It is considered the most popular destination in New Orleans, attracts more than 17 million visitors a year and is responsible for one-third of the city's operating budget. The French Quarter is the best place to stay in New Orleans for first-time travelers because of its proximity to the city's famous attractions and numerous lodging options. In addition to being the first part of New Orleans to be established, you'll find many of the city's oldest and most historic buildings here. Its wide variety of historic sites and attractions will keep everyone entertained, no matter what they are looking for from a stay in New Orleans.

With its central location between Mid-City and Lakeview, it's a great option if visiting the park is a major consideration when deciding where to stay in New Orleans. When choosing a place to stay in the city, many people look to the neighborhoods of downtown New Orleans. Located right in the center of the French Quarter, you can find this hidden gem of a vacation rental in New Orleans.

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