How do you get around new orleans for cheap?

If you plan to use public transport more than once during your stay, it's best to buy a Jazzy Pass, which offers you unlimited travel on buses, trams and ferries for one, three, five or 31 days. You don't have to spend a lot to enjoy a million-dollar experience in New Orleans. Crescent City can be easy to get around if you know where to look. From happy hour specials to hidden gems, there are affordable options all over town, no matter the season of the year.

Check out our neighborhood itinerary below or explore our affordable dining options here. Now, let us tell you a few things about getting around New Orleans while you're here in town that will make your trip a little easier. If you really want to experience New Orleans like a local, spend a day in Mid-City and Esplanade Ridge for off-the-beaten-track deals. New Orleans was exactly that experience for me: a recent college graduate, I wanted to travel and explore the United States before returning to Singapore.

An exception is the Paddleboat river cruise, which departs from New Orleans and travels upstream to Baton Rouge and returns with stops at historic sites. Cheap dinner: Port of Call is a great option to enjoy a hamburger and a powerful Monsoon cocktail, or stop by Killer Po-Boys for a creative version of the traditional New Orleans sandwich. This most historic part of New Orleans is famous for its white-tablecloth restaurants, art boutiques, and craft cocktail bars. Streetcars in New Orleans are both a tourist attraction and a way to get people around the city, so be sure to plan at least one afternoon walking down the street.

You might like to take a self-guided tour of the city's best watering holes, so check out the New Orleans cocktail tour. The southeastern cities of Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and New Orleans provide the perfect base from which to explore this fascinating region. To enjoy New Orleans music, it's worth tuning in to the city's radio station, WWOZ, which can be broadcast live here. Whether you visit in summer, winter, spring or fall, there's always a festival or party in New Orleans.

This bowling alley, one of the most exclusive spaces you'll find in New Orleans, has a huge bar and plenty of space to dance. The friendliness of New Orleans residents can be annoying if people stop their cars in the middle of a narrow street to chat with someone; every New Orleans driver has a story about this incident. Public transportation in New Orleans is quite comprehensive compared to the main neighborhoods of interest to most tourists and, at the same time, it is much more affordable than in most cities.

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