How can i spend a day in new orleans?

Each guide offers a self-guided tour with tips on what to see and when it's best to come and visit: French Quarter, Garden District, Treme, Faubourg Marigny, Algiers, Esplanade Ave and Bayou St. John, Guide to NOLA and City Park cemeteries. Not sure where to go in New Orleans in one day? Start with this comprehensive 24-hour trip plan to New Orleans. Tram Charles and walk to Magazine Street, a colorful six-mile-long stretch filled with an eclectic mix of specialty boutiques, historic architectural styles, art galleries, exclusive pubs and restaurants, among other attractions.

Whether you're in the mood to go shopping or just want to take a leisurely stroll, Magazine Street will enchant you and give you a glimpse of New Orleans that you've probably never seen before. New Orleans is a culinary destination, so don't be afraid to try something new on your trip, whether it's raw oysters or alligators. Start the day with a hearty breakfast at the Green Goddess, in the French Quarter. Located in Exchange Alley, Green Goddess serves eclectic cuisine with a New York twist.

Expect to find vegan dishes along with Southern comfort food, so there's something for everyone. Grab a table outside and try sweet potato crackers and wild mushroom sauce or everyday French toast. Louisiana offers a lot, so a day trip from New Orleans is a great way to get to know this intriguing state a little better. Instead of wasting your trip to New Orleans on a one-day itinerary in line, you can have fun exploring haunted mansions and meeting pirate vampire ghosts.

If you want to add a one-day itinerary to New Orleans with Faubourg Marigny and Frenchman Street, try this. Drinking a cup of creamy coffee au lait with chicory and enjoying beignets covered in powdered sugar is the ideal way to start a day in New Orleans. This search engine will help you find the perfect place to stay during your one-day New Orleans itinerary. The 1963 restaurant, located on historic Esplanade Avenue, in the French Quarter, is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and offers delicious dishes, such as the New York Strip and the cheese and mushroom burger, which includes roasted potatoes and butter, as well as lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles as a side dish.

No one-day New Orleans itinerary is complete without a delicious dinner, so let's move on to Sylvain. The nightlife area is home to many bars and places where travelers can enjoy everything from jazz and salsa to reggae and country music, seven days a week. Next to Vieux Carré, Garden District is the central neighborhood most worth exploring on a one-day tour of New Orleans. A lesson in history and nature, this day trip from New Orleans is something you won't soon forget.

I recommend Expedia to find the cheapest flight to New Orleans at the best time of the day. This is Culture Trip's locally-inspired day guide, designed to show you what the Big Easy is all about. The good news is that there's no way to visit the entire French Quarter on a one-day itinerary, so you have a good excuse to return to New Orleans soon.

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