Is the new orleans trolly free?

The New Orleans streetcar is an easy and affordable way to get around Crescent City. If you want to take unlimited trips on the tram, we recommend that you buy a Jazzy Pass. Charles Line, the fleet of this line is a little more modern, but it hasn't lost the historic touch of New Orleans. The Riverfront line was a dream come true for New Orleans business owners, developers and streetcar fans.

The result was the arrival of the city and created an organization called New Orleans Public Service Inc. The Canal Street line is unique among New Orleans streetcars, as it has two routes, one to City Park and the other to the aerial tombs of the Metairie and Greenwood cemeteries. Thomas Company continues to travel a 6-mile crescent from Carondelet on Canal Street, in the Central Business District, through the oldest and most majestic section of uptown New Orleans, around the bend of the river to Carrollton on Claiborne Avenue. Eventually, NOPSI would be replaced by the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority, which currently manages streetcars.

Here are some suggestions on what to see and do when traveling on this and other streetcar lines through New Orleans, as well as some tips on what to expect on your trip. Back then it was a passenger train between New Orleans and a distant suburb and tourist town called Carrollton. The New Orleans streetcars have the distinction of being one of the first passenger railroads in the United States and one of the oldest continuously operating street trains in the entire world.

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