Is 4 days in new orleans enough?

Without a doubt, we recommend staying in the city center for the 4 days you spend in New Orleans, so that you are within walking distance of everything. Staying directly on Bourbon Street or Frenchmen Street would probably be too noisy, so we don't recommend booking anything right there. New Orleans is as flat as an ironing board and has many side streets, so getting around by bike is a great option. This mix of French and African cultures led to the creation of the Afro-Creole culture of New Orleans, a culture that still survives to this day (this is also when voodoo began to take root here).

A little more expensive, Café Amelie serves classic New Orleans cuisine in a romantic and elegant setting. I have visited New Orleans recently and I love the experience, especially visiting the Café du Monde was a favorite part of my trip, as the tapas on the restaurant menu offer the best food. Bourbon Street looks completely different at night, so it was fun to watch both during the day and at night. New Orleans is quite humid all year round, so you'll probably want to bend down and shower before doing anything else.

If this is your first time in New Orleans, don't worry: this 3-day New Orleans itinerary will ensure you have more than enough time to see its most famous sights, learn a few things about the city's history, enjoy whatever you want to enjoy here and eat far more fritters than any human being should eat. As mentioned earlier by others who publish here, the city of New Orleans does not have strict laws on open containers, but it does require people who drink alcohol on sidewalks and streets to do so only in plastic cups; the NOLA also prohibits drinking alcohol in a parking lot. The energy, food and music scene make New Orleans one of the most eclectic and vibrant cities in the United States, if not the world. New Orleans is full of Creole and Cajun food, live jazz, street performers, history, beautiful architecture and a famous appreciation for all of life's temptations.

If you're visiting New Orleans and relaxing, you can always take your morning slow or explore the French Quarter a bit more. In fact, the use of Airbnb is extremely controversial in New Orleans, more so than in most cities in the world, and is not allowed at all in the French Quarter and Garden District. If your idea of the perfect 3-day trip to New Orleans includes luxury accommodations with a spooky twist, the popular and impressive Omni Royal is the place for you.

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