How walkable is new orleans?

New Orleans has an average passability score of 59. The French Quarter and the Central Business District are among the most walkable neighborhoods. There are more than 26,000 rooms within a two-mile radius, represented by national and independent hotel brands. All of our neighborhoods are easily accessible to the convention facilities. This two-mile stretch is also packed with more than 500 restaurants and nearly 100 attractions.

Your guests can drink coffee and beignets at Café du Monde, attend meetings, shop at hundreds of national stores and independent boutiques, stroll through the imposing Mississippi and witness a parade in a single afternoon. New Orleans has an average score of 58 with 343,829 residents. New Orleans has some means of public transportation and you can go by bike. You can walk around New Orleans with an open container of alcohol, which is unusual in most places.

So you can take your drink from one place to another and not worry about getting into trouble. The most walkable neighborhoods in New Orleans are the French Quarter, Marigny and the Central Business District. Search for homes in New Orleans or look for a New Orleans real estate agent who knows walkable neighborhoods.

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